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About eCHECKit

eCHECKit is an electronic payment option, integrated into your existing shopping cart, which allows you to accept check payments online via ACH processing.

eCHECKit will allow you to attract new customers and retain repeat customers at the point-of-sale. No product is more secure with less risk for your consumer!Choose the easy, safe and guaranteed way to pay: eCHECKit.

  • eCHECKit guarantees all of your transactions. You will never experience non-sufficient funds or returned checks
  • Payments are accepted securely. You never have to deal with customers account or payment information; all records are kept within the eCHECKit network on our secure servers.
  • eCHECKit functions like a regular check, with the customer "writing the check" online instead of from his checkbook.

The eCHECKit process is easily integrated and is extremely secure. eCHECKit houses secure financial data on our internal servers, significantly reducing risk to the merchant. All approved transactions will be deposited into your account via ACH processing, just like a credit card transaction.

Customer Convenience

Wouldn't you like to be able to say to your online consumer, "No credit card? No debit card? No problem!" Consumers will love that you accept check payments online because:

  • Americans are showing a preference for debit transactions more than credit transactions. eCHECKit is like a debit transaction but more secure and with a quicker checkout process.
  • Fraud is a concern with online shopping. With eCHECKit, you can accept payment online and customers do not have to give credit or debit card information.
  • Shoppers have never before been able to purchase online without a credit or debit card.

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