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FAQ / Help

Thank you for choosing eCHECKit for your online purchase! We have put together a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) that will help answer many commons questions that you may have about using eCHECKit to complete your transaction. If you have a question not addressed here, please email us and we'll be happy to help.

What is eCHECKit?
eCHECKit lets you write checks online in a safe and secure manner. Once you have an eCHECKit account, you can use your eCHECKit username and password to make payments to any of our supported online retailers.

Why do I have to go through a sign-up process to use eCHECKit?
By signing up, eCHECKit can store your profile on our secure servers, allowing eCHECKit to quickly facilitate subsequent orders that you place with eCHECKit. Once you have an account, check-out with eCHECKit only takes a matter of seconds! You won't have to sign-up again.

Can I sign-up and check-out (complete my purchase) at the same time?
Yes! Simply choose the "New User" option when first directed to the eCHECKit screen, and you will be taken through the registration process and upon completion, be presented with the order confirmation screen.

How will my bank account information be handled?
Your bank account information is stored on our secure servers, and never divulged to any other party, not even the the place where you're shopping!

Am I notified of each transaction?
When you have completed an order, the website retailer at which you're shopping will send you a notice.

When do funds leave my account?
Typically, funds for the purchases that you make will be debited from your bank account the following business day.

eCHECKit is telling me that I have reached my purchase limit. What's that about?
Once you sign-up for an eCHECKit account, you will have an established purchasing limit over a period of time. If you've received notice that you have reached that limit, simply wait the appropriate amount of time and try your order again.

Does eCHECKit work internationally?
No, not at this time. eCHECKit service works only with U.S. checking accounts and all transactions are denominated in U.S. dollars drawn on U.S. banks.

Does eCHECKit work with ATM/Debit cards, travelers' checks, or money orders?
No, not at this time.